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Different Types Of Electrical Cross Arm

Issuing time:2022-06-30 14:10


Have you come across the large transmission towers in the fields or grasslands across the road? The elongated pyramidical tower with arms carrying the transmission lines is a gigantic structure that requires dexterity to build.
The arms that carry the line and support the structure are called electrical cross arms. An electric arm is a fitting on the transmission tower to assist conductors and hold electric pieces of equipment such as power lines.

Electric cross arms are also called power pole cross arm, utility pole cross arm, light pole cross arm, telephone pole cross arm, or cross arm. Electrical cross arm manufacturers make different types of cross arms.

Types Of Electrical Cross Arm

1- Power Pole Cross Arm

These cross arms connect the insulator and conductor. Power pole cross arms are also called Steel Cross Arms or Pole Cross Arms.

Depending upon their application, power pole cross arms are called Cross Arms of the Transmission Tower, Cross Arm in T/L, and Cross Arms on Overhead Lines.

2- Line Cross Arms

They are manufactured using unique steel structure, robust enough to carry the transmission lines on the pole. They are used for long as well as short transmission. This type of cross arm equally distributes the weight across the pole.

3- Telephone Pole Cross Arms

They are used when multiple connections are to be established from the cross arm. They hold the insulator and the cable to the central tower. Therefore, depending on the connection, they vary in number on the pole.

4- Light Pole Cross Arms

They support different light poles such as street lights or traffic lights. The connection of the cross arm to the pole is established by pigtail bolts, U bolts, or Double arcing bolts.

Pigtail bolts have one helical end and other threaded. They are used to hang dead-end clamps and suspension clamps on the pole. They find their application with chain type handrails and electrical telephone cable.

U bolts are usually used in pipeworks. They are fasteners to hold various components on the cross arm.

Arcing bolts are completely threaded with cone points at the ends. Generally, this is to ensure easy removal and the least damage to the threads.

Application Of Electrical Cross Arm

Electrical cross arm is one of the essential parts of the infrastructure. They are utilised by railroads, telephone companies, refineries, cable companies, and electrical utility services.

The main application of electric cross arm is to support conductors in distribution and transmission lines.

Steel cross arms are used on overhead lines, transmission lines, transmission towers, utility poles,   power poles, wood poles, and light poles.

Function Of Electrical Cross Arm

The function of the electrical cross arm varies according to its application. Its primary function is to support the conductors on the tower. It supports the distribution transformers, isolating links, fuses, and other electrical and line components.

It functions as a link between the cable of the tower and the insulator. It also provides the conductor with a definite height above the ground.


Electrical cross arm manufacturers design the cross arms to withstand any kind of harsh weather. They keep in mind the requirement of the customers and high performance of the product.

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