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What Different Transmission Line Hardware Fittings We Provide?

Issuing time:2022-07-02 12:34


Hanford Electric provides a wide variety of transmission line hardware fittings and accessories.

Such as:

Suspension,Tension Clamp & – AGS/Envelope/Free Centre/Corona Free/Wedge/Compression type (Eye) & (Link) and Bolted type

During transmitter installation with the poles, you will need this type of suspension clamp. It can protect the transmitter well. The retention of the force in these clamps depends on the configuration system of the conductor.

Anchor Shackle – Shackle / Twisted Shackle / Hook / Hinge Type “A” / Hinge Type “B” and Twisted Clevis Clevis

The stainless chains and hooks that we provide are highly durable. Moreover, you will love the versatility of these chains. It is in high demand in both agricultural and industrial fields.

U Bolt

For supporting the pipelines or gas line, the U Bolt serves the best. These are cost-effective, and you can customise them because of their flexible shape.

Ball Eye

With high-end quality materials, the ball eye and hooks are manufactured. With customer specifications, the configuration and customisation of ball hooks are possible here.

Ball Clevis

Forged steel and stainless steel is used in the making of this robust ball clevis. For lifting, towing purposes, you often need string or chain attachments. The ball clevis serves the purpose.

Socket Eye

We offer great quality raw materials in the forged socket eye. It has immense durability and stability.

Socket Clevis

With the robust ductile iron and forged steel, the socket clevis are manufactured here. Between the socket insulator and tension clamp, this indispensable hardware is necessary for clamping.

Arcing Horn

Lightning or other surge voltage issue, you will need these arching horns. It prevents the insulators, transformers etc., from bursting.

Yoke Plate – Triangle/Quadrangle

For appending the electrical clevis and socket in the transmitters, the triangle or quadrangle yoke plates are necessary. They are built of forged steel, aluminium and carbon steel. It acts as a shield to prevent any damage to the power line.

Turnbuckle – Clevis-Clevis, Clevis Eye, Clevis-Link, Eye-Eye, Link-Eye and Link-Link

These are the hardware device that can prevent any slope or disturbances in the cables, rope. Turnbuckles are used mainly in construction, aviation and the sports industry. Installing these buckles are smooth as they have various shapes and are customisable.

Counter Weight

The counterbalancing weights are a favourable and convenient method to use on the doors. Especially you will find these devices in the garage doors. Apart from the garage, you will need them in aircraft, warehouses and other industries. The benefit of using these in the doors is it allows less airflow. Hence, for safety purposes, users demand this for large door openings.

Armour Rod

We provide the best quality aluminium based armour rods. You will need these rods for abrasion, bending or any compression techniques of the conductors.

Grading/CC Ring

Besides, any high voltage conducting device lies in the insulator. Hence, using this CC Ring or Gradient ring, you can decrease the end part of the insulators. By doing this at a low voltage, you can gain more insulation.

Sag Adjustable Plate

To regulate or monitor the speed of various devices in the industries, you will require sag adjustable plates. The main function of these plates is responsible for controlling such speed drives. Each sag combination has unique effects on its function.

Midspan Compression Joint

Both aluminium and steel coating is in the component of these compression joints. You can avail this in earth wire shape and shapes. It provides 90-95 % strength to the conductors.   

Repair Sleeve

It is a thin strip of metal-based transmission line hardware fittings, which is used for the pipelines. For any repairing situation in the pipeline industry, you can think of this as a cost-effective option.   

Rigid Spacer

To protect the high violate of the conductor in the industries, these rigid spacers are essential.

Vibration Damper

In the ergonomic, industrial and electronic areas, you will need energy reduction in the system. Hence, with an accurate vibration, you can control it. As the component contains visco-elastic, it helps to absorb the vibrational and solar energy. Then it is used in the system.

Spacer Damper

The primary function of the dumper is to maintain the separation between the conductor and oscillating motion. It is used to remove damage from the sub conductor movement.


For the varied transmission line hardware fitting, Hanford Electric is a reliable source. Hanford Electric is completely equipped with plants, machinery, and testing, which is required to manufacture quality products and serve the customer requirements at a given time.

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