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Different Conductor Accessories Used for High Voltage Transmission

Issuing time:2022-07-02 12:28


Like we all know that for any high voltage transmission happens by transmitting electricity over long distances. Due to the distance, often the energy between the electricity reduces. Therefore a high voltage of electricity is required in those situations. Again, in this context, it is essential to know that, like other energy, you cannot store electrical energy. You will need conductor accessories to deliver this electricity to different places over a distance.

There are numerous advantages of high voltage current transmission. You can send more power in bulk over a long distance without any complication. However, price is a concern as there are many conductor accessories required.

Material Used In Making Of High Voltage Transmission

The conductor hardware is an essential part of making the transmission lines. Again, you will have to think about the material component in these for pricing purposes. Mainly, the most reliable material used for high voltage electric transmission is copper. It is due to great conductivity.

Before choosing the material component of these conductor accessories, you should keep in mind the following things;

  • High-end conductivity

  • Tensile strengthening feature

  • Lightweight

  • Powerful resistance

  • Thermal resistance

  • Low price


It is an ideal material for transmission lines due to its excellent conductivity and strengthening capacity. Soldering, welding, and malleability purposes are done beautifully with copper. The only concern is it is expensive as compared to others.


The highly ductile and weightless metal has a wondrous conductivity rate. Therefore it is suitable for electric transmission over long distances. However, the tensile strength of aluminum is not high. Many dealers use steel instead of pure aluminum to strengthen the electric lines.

Cadmium Alloy

For making heating pads, trolley wires, electric blankets, etc., you will need cadmium alloy. It is mainly because of the fantastic tensile strength and conductivity.

Galvanized Steel

Many times wires get corrosion problems. Just to overcome such issues, steel is often coated with soft Zinc. This galvanized steel is used for making steel pipes in the transmission poles.

The Different Conductor Accessories Used for High Voltage Transmission

The transmission conductors or the towers are designed with distinctive elements and characteristics. Electric transmission through the towers, substations, conductors, roads, etc., requires high-level bulk power. Hence the conductor accessories should match the requirement so that a short circuit does not happen. Some of the common conductor hardware and accessories that are essential for high voltage transmission are discussed below;

  • Midspan Compression Joint

In pylon towers, there are lines overhead. The midspan compression joints are utilized for connecting these lines. Another significant benefit of this compression joint is to deal with the cold flow and tension reduction. Often due to aluminum and oxide, there is strand formation in the transmission line. Therefore these joints are used in such conditions.

The resistance of the midspan joint is around 75%. Once you have installed this accessory, there will be no problems related to damage or conductor failure.

  • Repair Sleeve

The repair sleeve is an advanced design for interlocking discharge, providing a strong grip on the conductor during compression. The restoration of the repair sleeve can reach up to 95% of the conductor.

  • Vibration Damper

These are popularly used for controlling the vibration of the Aeolian conductors. Often it is observed that wind causes a vibration that again results in fatigue conduction in any hardware that is nearly attached. For smooth passing of the air, this vibration damper is used.

  • Spacer Damper

The Spacer Damper is a combination of the dual function of a spacer. It helps to separate the space conductor and oscillation control. Again, it helps to maintain the economy as well as prevent the multi-bundle system.

  • Rigid Spacer

Rigid Spacer is a main part of the Transmission Line. These types of equipment can control the sub-conductors within a period. These are located at the jumper loops. The specific design is useful for preventing damage while clashing or twisting the transmission lines. For fantastic damping results, the rigid spacers are attached with the Stockbridge dampers.


While high voltage transmission line formation, you should maintain safety. It is mainly because electricity tries to reach the ground. Therefore, any object which is found in the ground can get electrified. It is always advisable to keep a distance between conductor accessories and power lines.

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